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Chapada Diamantina - Brazil

Canyons, waterfalls, forests, grottos; it’s a green grand canyon in the middle of Brazil, an awesome place where you could spend weeks and many of its beauties would remain unseen…

Its main city is Lençois - BA, the city was formed in the XIX century mainly by miners, in a time when a diamond field was discovered around there; today it seems like the place stopped in time, everything is very cheap, including the restaurants, inns, bars and all that;

You can hear a river flowing near the city, inviting you to the wild, challenging you to discover its secrets… it’s good to rent a 4x4 vehicle to ease things there, ‘cause the area is really huge, and the way between one waterfall and another most likely is very long, and there are hundreds there!

One of its grottos is speacilly known for its blue waters, real blue i mean, where the sun light hits it, it turns to pure cyan, just like you see in the pictures; and you actually can swim in it, there are many chambers, huge chambers! most say it’s the most beatiful place there… i wish someday i can visit it;

Its fauna is very rich, it has macaws, ant-bears, deers, jaguars, armadillos, monkeys and much more. its flora is also awesome with lots of different, flowers, cactus, bromeliads, orchids, vines; one of the biggest ecosystems in the world…

the tickets directly to Lençois is discouragingly expensive, around 1000$USD from são paulo, it is much easier to go to Salvador for 120$USD, also from são paulo; and then you go by bus or you can also rent a car. Once there, with the money you saved you can stay there for many weeks, since you wont spend more than 60 dollars per day there…

From NY - USA to Salvador the tickets (round trip) cost around 500$ USD…

i would stay there for at least three weeks…

10/10 it is unfair with others because the place is so huge… offers so many different experiences…

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Jeju Island - South Korea

 A really amazing landscape wherever you go here, you’ll see hundreds of thousands blossoms all around the isle, canola blossoms and azalea blossoms, giving a nice contrast of yellow and purple, it is a very romantic place, it is even considered the love island!

 It has three waterfalls, all three are really nice, outside the city seems to be an extremely peaceful place; There are many Buddhist temples around, and even a huge golden buddha in one of them.

 Jeju is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because of its volcanic activity, and its lava tubes; It also integrates the New Seven Wonders of Nature, so on i’ll have to visit it soon to finish my list haha…

The round trip from São Paulo - BR. costs between 1500$USD to 2300$USD it varies depending on the season…

From New York - USA the round trip costs only 950$ USD. What a joke huh? hehehe

 A Great place, but i think i would not stay for long; Despite its beautiful nature, its cities are not so beautiful as that, one of its cities, Seogwipo, hosted three games of the 2002 FIFA World Cup.


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Bled, Kranjska Gora, Piran, Kobarid and others - Slovenia

  Beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, crystal water lakes, magical mountains and a perfect harmony with its cities. that’s a good description for Slovenia.

  Its beaches are pretty clean if compared to Italian beaches, which in my opinion are worse than Brazilian ones (from SP and RJ). It has some nice Ski Resorts too, and the cities are so beautiful, taking as example its capital Ljubljana where the nature fits perfectly in the city, the river that divides it, many gardens and all streets if looked from the sky are covered by trees. It is a different place.

Although very small, you can do many, many things in slovenia, skiing, relaxing at some beach, rent a boat and row along some river, do some trekking or climbing…

1200$USD - Round Trip from (GRU) São Paulo  -> (LJU) Ljubljana


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Continental Greece - Athens, Olympia, Sparta, Peleponnessus, Náfplio, Meteora, Delphi…

The last post about Greece…

I recommend doing it in about 12 days, i would stay more, so i could really see everything in each place, but is really nice, besides the beaches that we already showed in the insular part, there are many things in the continent, just like mt. Olympus and Athos, i would not hesitate climbing it haha. You also may want to visit the historical stuff, the ancient lions gate, the Parthenon, the acropolis in athens and all that, you also should taste some of the greek wine, and olive oil it is one of the best ones, they have a spectacular gastronomy.

You might want to get some days to relax too i suppose. A good idea is travelling to Meteora to see the monasteries, it is a very calm and small city, and you can do some trekking or something like that around the woods, or just stay at Olympia some more days and enjoy the nature of its park.

And that’s it. We are done with Greece !


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Mykonos - Greece

The next days i will be posting more places in Greece :)

Mykonos is a small island in the Aegean Sea, it part of the Cyclades islands. It has 86 km², and its highest point lies at 330 mts. 

It is one of the most beatiful islands in the Aegean, and its main activity is tourism obviously.

The best places to stay in the island, i would say are the Cavo Tagoo Hotel that is very well localizated and is very modern, the Belevedere Hotel which is in my opinion the best one, it is not very far from the city and has the best restaurant in the island the Matsuhisa Restaurant ran by the well known chef Nogu, ask for a Black Cod Fish if you visit it, you wont regret ! Santa Marina Resort is also a good option, but is a little far from the city…

The beaches showed in the photos i would say are the best ones, Kalafatis Beach is the most tranquil, the best place to relax, and there are some good bars around in the beach. Panormos Beach has a very good restaurant and is the one that has the most beatiful scenary too, but you got to be quick to get a parasol, best arrive there around 13:00 to get a good place. Paraga Beach is near the city and usually at 12:00 you wont find any good place there, it is always full, it has also a good restaurant/bar called Kalua Beach Bar and also music all afternoon along with many DJ’s.

A amazing island, considering it is so tiny, has a interisting nightlife too and many bars, dont forget to visit Caprice Bar by the way, they say it is the best one there. When it comes to think about your honeymoon, it is an awesome place…


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Thasos - Greece

The next days i will be posting more places in Greece :)

Thasos is one of the twelve biggest greek islands, and it lies near Macedonia, it is the northernmost Aegean isle.

By far its most important activity is tourism, the island has also famous olives and a very good wine.

The island has some of the most beatiful beaches, it is full of resorts and its also known for the gastronomy and its amazing natural pools…


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Samos - Greece

The next days i will be posting more places in Greece :)

Samos was once one of the most rich and powerful cities in greece, it is the ninth biggest island in the Aegean Sea. It is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

And it has also some marvels of engineering just like the Eupalinian Aqueduct, and it is also homeland of the greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras.

Samian wine was known as one of the best wines in the ancient times. It is still produced today, and they say it is still very good. The island was home also of many astronomers, by the way, the first ones to say that the earth revolves around the sun.

it can be considered the most powerful and productive island in Greece, and it is still the most rich (island).

And you can not deny its beauty, it has everything on it. its relief is dominated by two mountains, the lowest with 1000m and the other with 1400m, on the winter it can sometimes snow (very rarely).

Its mediterranean vegetation also grants a spetacular view from the higher lands of the isle.

You can find many nice hotels and resorts to stay, and also sail around the island if you want. there are some amazing hidden beaches. 

It is one of the best places to stay if you want to relax, just like Santorini…


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Corfu Island - Greece

The next days i will be posting more places in Greece :)

Corfu is one of the biggest islands in Greece, it is known for its tiny cliffs around the island, and for its beaches carved into these cliffs as you can see in some pics above.

It has also some luxurious resorts and nice hotels, the cities are not very big so you can know everything in this island in less than four days, they have a nice gastronomy too, based on sea food…

It is a very beatiful island, it has preserved the most part of its original flora, as you can see on the pictures…

 Dedicated to: Doce de Mér


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Santorini - Greece

The next days i will be posting more places in Greece :)

Santorini is a vulcanic island that lies on southern Aegean Sea known for its beatiful white cities and luxurious resorts.

In any part of the island you will have a amazing view of the Aegean Sea. Its beaches are red, some say that it looks like mars haha.

You can also visit the volcano that bears the same name as the island: Santorini Caldera.

It is a nice island to visit in greece, i will soon post more places to visit around there.

Dedicated to: Doce de Mér


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The Ancient Ruins of Angkor - Camboja

It is the heart of Khmer Empire, and it is the biggest preindustrial city with around four hundred square miles. The empire flourished from IX to XIV century when it was eventually invaded by malaysians.

They estimate that there lived around one million people. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and also have some of the biggest temples ever built (in ruins).

A very interesting place to visit… For sure that i will visit it when i travel to southeast Asia. Starting in Vietnã, then Camboja, Thailand and finally Malaysia.


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